How to participate in Kavi Sammelan?

How to Participate in Kavi Sammelan?

There are many poets of India who are still behind the curtain waiting for the opportunities to come on stage and shine. We can see the internet full of queries like "how to participate in Kavi Sammelan?" or how to connect with "kavi sammelan organizers"!

To let you know about the basic requirements to be a great stage performer and provide you proper stage as per your talent and delivery, "Kavi Sammelan Organizers in India" has come through the concept of Poetic Academy where we will provide you sessions about how to write hindi kavita, geet, muktak, ghazal etc. As a stage performer you need more than just feelings to write. Perfection in writing (without grammatical or spelling mistakes) together with proper presentation techniques lead to fame in now a day commercial poetry shows. You need to improve and qualify @many factors which most of the upcoming poets of India wouldn't be even aware off. Kavi Sammelan Organizers having a great range of poets associated with us, we have come through a platform where not only the event organizers will get Poets of their need but also we will help new poets to emerge out of the darkness.

We will keep notifying about such sessions on our official FacebookPage. Connect to our social pages and always know about the sessions in right time.

Our tag line goes as:

Perform, Learn and Earn !

All the best!

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